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DartMedia, is an accomplished interactive professional services firm specializing in user centric, dynamic application development, design, marketing, and hosting. Our solutions empower forward thinking companies to redefine their business through the innovative use of advanced technology and online opportunities.

DartMedia is a privately held firm based in Kuwait. The company is comprised of a select group of designers, developers and strategists. We combine the industry expertise, business infrastructure and processes most associated with larger firms, while also maintaining the free-spirited culture, progressive style and personal service typically found only in smaller boutique firms.

What sets DartMedia apart?

It's how we approach your business

Why DartMedia?

OK, so you like what you’ve read, now why should you choose us? Because we want to relieve you of the complaint, “It always gets done better when I do it myself.” Here’s what makes us better and different:

  • We’re thorough
  • We pay attention to detail
  • We follow-up promptly and attentively
  • We’re responsible
  • We communicate on your level, not in techno-speak
  • If we don’t know an answer, we’ll say so and find it out for you
  • We do take everything personally because we care

Finally, DartMedia is an agency solely specializing in online marketing and advertising, and therefore we do it really well --

We are NOT: web designers, a traditional ad agency with an online marketing division, or a collection of freelancers. We ARE a group of talented, senior marketing professionals who, since 2002, create, implement and measure Internet marketing, advertising, online media, and search engine strategies.

Since its formation in February 2002, DartMedia has become one of the leading design and technical development firms in the region. You can drop an email to our team or call us.

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About Us

DartMedia is Kuwait’s first and only full service online marketing and advertising agency. Since 2002, DartMedia has successfully launched and managed over 8,000 campaigns, events, and projects.

You are here because you found yourself in need of professional eMarketing services! No mater how big or small your operation is, we do have a solution that perfectly fits your needs.. Read more...

Contact us

  • Address: Kuwait, Dhajeej, Galeriya Complex, Gate 3, Mezaneen, office 15/16
  • Tel: +(965) 24344484/94
  • Fax: +(965) 24336664
  • Email: info@dartmedia.com
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