General Manager

Dikheel Al-Dikheel - General Manager

Dikheel Al Dikheel

Al-Dikheel provides a customer-service focused vision and direction to the agency, leads the strategic planning and helps guide the organization to the fulfillment of its goals and mission.

Executive & Projects Manager

Nesrine Zakaria - Projects Manager

Nesrine Zakaria

Master of Computer Science, E-Commerce. Sunderland, UK.
Microsoft Certified Solution Developer -, Early Achiever.

She exploits her natural flair of business management and web solution development expertise in developing web services and solutions for major businesses.

Head of Art & Design

Aaqib Shah

He is responsible for a variety of design tasks that keep him on his toes. He has a passion for design that pushes him to always try and learn something new. It makes him smile to tell people that "He loves what he does", and in the end he hopes his work shows that.

He follows-up with clients to discuss and determine layout design, reviews final layouts and suggests improvements as needed, and follows-up with printing press to make sure the best results are achieved.

Financial Manager

Nader Fawzi

His love for numbers and calculation started since he was in Victoria College, that was increased by joining the Faculty of Commerce, after that working in banking sector, ended by getting certifications in Internal Auditing in Kuwait.

Head of Administration Department

Pramode George

Master of Computer Applications from Bharathidasan University, India.
Bachelor of Science from University of Kerala, India

Responsible for providing high quality technical support and customer care services.

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