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Kuwait Showroom provides two types of advertising services catered for all its clients, to place their choice of For Sale or Wanted Ads.

For Sale: A complete solution for those who own a vehicle and wish to sell it through the site. They can also choose to advertise it in print classifieds to reach non Internet users.

Wanted: Instead of waiting for the desired vehicle to appear on the site, user can now publish a Wanted Ad requesting those who own such vehicles to presents him/her with their offers directly.

The website offers:
- Car Magazine, News & Rating http://www.q8showroom.com/magazine
- Virtual Forum http://vb.q8showroom.com
- Financial Loan Calculators for Cars in Kuwait http://www.q8showroom.com/scripts/calculators/index.php
- Traffic licenses general department procedures http://www.q8showroom.com/magazine/content/view/473/133
- Seat Belt Rules http://www.q8showroom.com/magazine/content/view/474/133
- Check Traffic Violation and much moreā€¦


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