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Need Google Analytics Help? Looking for a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant for Professional Services? You’ve come to the right place.

DartMedia will help! Our team of electronic marketing consultants is ready to assist you with Google Analytics. Read on for more details of how we will help or call us to schedule a consultancy session.

Audit & Validation

Is my Google Analytics Configured Correctly?
Our clients ask us, “What is involved in validating my Google Analytics implementation and how much is it going to cost me?” We’d love to give a direct answer, but in most cases, we can’t - it would actually be a disservice to give you an answer that wasn’t meaningful and unique to your needs. We offer a comprehensive customized audit & we always take into consideration your target markets, audience, budget and business objectives then structure the implementation to identify and track your key metrics.

Audit by Google Analytics Authorized Consultants

We custom tailor our Audit & Validation based on your needs. We can audit the entire process from implementation to data collection, reporting, analysis and monthly action plans. Or we can audit and validate a subset. Below is a sample audit.

  • Review your Analytics Strategy
  • Review current analytics implementation & structure
    • Tracking Code
    • Custom Java Script
    • Domains, subdomains hierarchical structure
  • Review integration with external systems
    • Google AdWords
    • eCommerce Shopping Carts
    • Third Party Integration
    • APIs
  • Review Profiles: Customized Data Sets for Advanced Analysis
  • Review Goal setup
    • Assist in goal identification if not created
  • Review Filters: For example, filter out Internal Traffic
  • Identify configuration & data tracking gaps
  • Review marketing & traffic channels to ensure proper segmentation and tagging practices are in place
  • Assess analytics reports and dashboards
  • Verify key metrics are tracked for proper analysis and decision making
  • Present recommendations for improvement.
  • Assist in the implementation and quality assurance of changes

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