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Google Analytics Services
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Need Google Analytics Help? Looking for a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant for Professional Services? You’ve come to the right place.

DartMedia will help! Our team of electronic marketing consultants is ready to assist you with Google Analytics. Read on for more details of how we will help or call us to schedule a consultancy session.

Audit & Validation

Is my Google Analytics Configured Correctly?
Our clients ask us, “What is involved in validating my Google Analytics implementation and how much is it going to cost me?” We’d love to give a direct answer, but in most cases, we can’t - it would actually be a disservice to give you an answer that wasn’t meaningful and unique to your needs. We offer a comprehensive customized audit & we always take into consideration your target markets, audience, budget and business objectives then structure the implementation to identify and track your key metrics.

Audit by Google Analytics Authorized Consultants

We custom tailor our Audit & Validation based on your needs. We can audit the entire process from implementation to data collection, reporting, analysis and monthly action plans. Or we can audit and validate a subset. Below is a sample audit.

  • Review your Analytics Strategy
  • Review current analytics implementation & structure
    • Tracking Code
    • Custom Java Script
    • Domains, subdomains hierarchical structure
  • Review integration with external systems
    • Google AdWords
    • eCommerce Shopping Carts
    • Third Party Integration
    • APIs
  • Review Profiles: Customized Data Sets for Advanced Analysis
  • Review Goal setup
    • Assist in goal identification if not created
  • Review Filters: For example, filter out Internal Traffic
  • Identify configuration & data tracking gaps
  • Review marketing & traffic channels to ensure proper segmentation and tagging practices are in place
  • Assess analytics reports and dashboards
  • Verify key metrics are tracked for proper analysis and decision making
  • Present recommendations for improvement.
  • Assist in the implementation and quality assurance of changes

Implementation and Support Services

It’s easy to set up a Google Analytics account - just sign up and add the tracking code to your website! It is really that simple. But without a trained specialist, you could end up with unrecoverable data inaccuracies, reviewing inflated reports, capturing incomplete data, mixing paid and non-paid search engine traffic, and missing out on the wide array of benefits that the tool provides.

As GAAC’s (Google Authorized Analytics Consultants), DartMedia will make sure you’re using each of Google’s valuable tools to their highest potential and benefit to
you, so you’re analyzing exactly what is happening to your website, not confusing data.

Implementation Best Practices

So, what are the best practices for a GA implementation? Review, and if necessary redefine the purpose of your website.

  • In order to accurately implement & track meaningful analytics data, goals need to be identified & analyzed. You cannot identify website goals if there is no clear purpose for your website.
  • Install the most up-to-date version of Google Analytics Tracking Code (GATC) correctly & in the correct location.
  • Configure the Google Analytics Tool in the most effective way based on your business & technical set-up.
  • Tag external links.

We’ll help you determine the optimal configuration & make sure you know how to make changes in the future. Our goal is to make sure your set-up is correct to start with and you spend your time improving your ROI.

Support Services

You have completed your implementation and are confident of the accuracy of your analytics data, but you can’t segment your data the way your stakeholders are expecting to see it. You have a flash movie you want to track, or you want to filter out your own internal traffic and are not sure how.

Our Google Analytics specialists will work closely with your team to support your technical and analytical needs, whether it is basic tag implementation, custom code, or Google analytics tool configuration.

Using Google Analytics and Need Help?

DartMedia provides on-demand (hourly) support, prepaid blocks of support or on a monthly retainer basis. Please contact us for more information or to purchase Google Analytics Support.

How May We Help?

  • Google Analytics Installation / Upgrade or Configuration
  • Full Google Analytics implementation
  • Integration with Google AdWords, eCommerce Shopping Carts
  • External Tagging: accurately segmenting your marketing mediums and campaigns in Google Analytics so you can see visits in the right “bucket”
  • Sift through the data and make sense of it and create action plans
  • Audit and Validate Google Analytics installs to verify correct installation and configuration
  • Optimize online search marketing campaigns, including Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Optimization keyword performance

Common Problems We Will Help You Resolve

  • I don’t trust my data
  • No data in my reports
  • Goals and funnel setup
  • AdWords & GA Integration
  • Reports showing too much or not enough data
  • Implementing e-commerce and payment gateway tracking
  • Reviewing profiles, filters and segments
  • Report automation
  • Creation measurement, reporting and analysis process

Consulting and Business Analytics

Guiding You Through the Maze of Metrics

“What do I do with all this data?”

“Which Google Analytics eCommerce report should I review and send to my manager?”

“Which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) should I track and trend for my B2B Lead Generation site?”

“I hear ‘Actionable Insight’ but I can’t figure out how to get the insights?”

“I need help in creating a measurement-based culture within my organization.”

These are typical challenges marketing managers and business stakeholders struggle with all the time. Engage our analytics and marketing consultants to help you answer and solve these challenges. We guide you through the maze of available metrics + reports by guiding you with Best Practices

We help you identify the Top 10 reports most relevant to your organization and your marketing goals. Your own unique report set will serve as the foundation for analysis, proactive problem detection, highlight successes and areas of improvement.

Segments, Filters, Pivots, and Secondary Dimensions

What?!?! All of these enterprise features and functionality wrapped up into one cool tool? Yes! These features help us perform deep dive analysis!

  • Segment the Data: On the Fly, predefined, or newly created segments allow for robust comparison of data subsets.
  • Filter: Remove the stuff that is collected but doesn’t provide insight or zoom in on what matters to you most
  • Pivots & Secondary Dimensions: Diving deep into cross-tabular analysis on one table instead of running multiple reports, saves times!

Executive Dashboard and ROI

DartMedia customizes effective Executive Dashboards with actionable data, comprised of all of the above mentioned best practices for data gathering, analysis and actionable insight. Most importantly we help you create a comprehensive tracking method. Report on the whole picture, not just one silo.

Act on Findings - People and Process

  • Ensure your staff is up to date on goals, monthly reports & key metrics. Making sure your team members are informed and trained is just as important as defining your key metrics! Establish a internal process to make measurements and analytics integral to your organization.
  • Our clients usually find quality success in a long term consulting engagement (typically 6-12 months).
  • Contact us to learn how this service and other products from DartMedia are highly effective ways to market your business.

Why Switch to Google Analytics

Reasons to Migrate to Google Analytics

Why should I switch to Google Analytics & What Are the Benefits?

  • Stretch Your Valuable Marketing Investment
    • Reduce Costs & Save Time
  • Yes the Tool is Free, which does not mean cheap!
    • Yes the tool is free. Your costs will include training staff + professional services for advanced support.
  • Includes Enterprise Level Features Out of the Box!
    • With advanced analysis techniques and flexible configuration + implementation, the sky is the limit with this tool.
    • The Key Metrics You Need for Informed Decision Making Provide Insight.
  • Professional Services
    • Is There Support Available for Google Analytics?
      • Definitely! With a reversed model, Google offers a free tool & allows you to select professional services you need and those that fit your budget. No more behemoth sized professional services contracts for services you may not need or benefit from.
      • There are help forums, email support, online training, webinars and a network of Google Analytics Authorized Consultants (GAAC) trained & certified on Google Analytics configuration & installation.
      • DartMedia is a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant (GAAC) and Offers Enterprise Level Support for All Your Google Analytics Needs. Contact us!
  • Privacy
    • Is My Data Secure & Private if Hosted on Google Servers? Yes. In fact, when you set up Google Analytics, you have 3 data sharing options to choose from:
      • Share no data
      • Share data for product improvements
      • Share data anonymously for benchmarking
    • In addition to deciding if you want to share data or not, Google has extensive security mechanisms in place to protect your data. Google also has redundant systems so down time is rare, if ever.

The Migration Plan

Yes You Can Migrate to Google Analytics!

Migrating to Google Analytics is not a 1-2-3 step process, but it doesn’t have to be an 18 month project either.

Working with DartMedia’s Google Analytics team of specialists helps with the transition, whether you are using Omniture, WebTrends, Coremetrics or another web analytics software.

You will benefit from our analysts’ collective technical expertise in implementation aspects, planning, migration management, process, training, professional services and support.

You’ll get the benefit of Google Analytics Enterprise level features including advanced segmentation and custom reporting while focusing your resources on building your analytics processes and bringing in technical expertise/consultants when needed.

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