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Implementation and Support Services

It’s easy to set up a Google Analytics account - just sign up and add the tracking code to your website! It is really that simple. But without a trained specialist, you could end up with unrecoverable data inaccuracies, reviewing inflated reports, capturing incomplete data, mixing paid and non-paid search engine traffic, and missing out on the wide array of benefits that the tool provides.

As GAAC’s (Google Authorized Analytics Consultants), DartMedia will make sure you’re using each of Google’s valuable tools to their highest potential and benefit to
you, so you’re analyzing exactly what is happening to your website, not confusing data.

Implementation Best Practices

So, what are the best practices for a GA implementation? Review, and if necessary redefine the purpose of your website.

  • In order to accurately implement & track meaningful analytics data, goals need to be identified & analyzed. You cannot identify website goals if there is no clear purpose for your website.
  • Install the most up-to-date version of Google Analytics Tracking Code (GATC) correctly & in the correct location.
  • Configure the Google Analytics Tool in the most effective way based on your business & technical set-up.
  • Tag external links.

We’ll help you determine the optimal configuration & make sure you know how to make changes in the future. Our goal is to make sure your set-up is correct to start with and you spend your time improving your ROI.

Support Services

You have completed your implementation and are confident of the accuracy of your analytics data, but you can’t segment your data the way your stakeholders are expecting to see it. You have a flash movie you want to track, or you want to filter out your own internal traffic and are not sure how.

Our Google Analytics specialists will work closely with your team to support your technical and analytical needs, whether it is basic tag implementation, custom code, or Google analytics tool configuration.

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