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Using Google Analytics and Need Help?

DartMedia provides on-demand (hourly) support, prepaid blocks of support or on a monthly retainer basis. Please contact us for more information or to purchase Google Analytics Support.

How May We Help?

  • Google Analytics Installation / Upgrade or Configuration
  • Full Google Analytics implementation
  • Integration with Google AdWords, eCommerce Shopping Carts
  • External Tagging: accurately segmenting your marketing mediums and campaigns in Google Analytics so you can see visits in the right “bucket”
  • Sift through the data and make sense of it and create action plans
  • Audit and Validate Google Analytics installs to verify correct installation and configuration
  • Optimize online search marketing campaigns, including Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Optimization keyword performance

Common Problems We Will Help You Resolve

  • I don’t trust my data
  • No data in my reports
  • Goals and funnel setup
  • AdWords & GA Integration
  • Reports showing too much or not enough data
  • Implementing e-commerce and payment gateway tracking
  • Reviewing profiles, filters and segments
  • Report automation
  • Creation measurement, reporting and analysis process

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