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Consulting and Business Analytics

Guiding You Through the Maze of Metrics

“What do I do with all this data?”

“Which Google Analytics eCommerce report should I review and send to my manager?”

“Which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) should I track and trend for my B2B Lead Generation site?”

“I hear ‘Actionable Insight’ but I can’t figure out how to get the insights?”

“I need help in creating a measurement-based culture within my organization.”

These are typical challenges marketing managers and business stakeholders struggle with all the time. Engage our analytics and marketing consultants to help you answer and solve these challenges. We guide you through the maze of available metrics + reports by guiding you with Best Practices

We help you identify the Top 10 reports most relevant to your organization and your marketing goals. Your own unique report set will serve as the foundation for analysis, proactive problem detection, highlight successes and areas of improvement.

Segments, Filters, Pivots, and Secondary Dimensions

What?!?! All of these enterprise features and functionality wrapped up into one cool tool? Yes! These features help us perform deep dive analysis!

  • Segment the Data: On the Fly, predefined, or newly created segments allow for robust comparison of data subsets.
  • Filter: Remove the stuff that is collected but doesn’t provide insight or zoom in on what matters to you most
  • Pivots & Secondary Dimensions: Diving deep into cross-tabular analysis on one table instead of running multiple reports, saves times!

Executive Dashboard and ROI

DartMedia customizes effective Executive Dashboards with actionable data, comprised of all of the above mentioned best practices for data gathering, analysis and actionable insight. Most importantly we help you create a comprehensive tracking method. Report on the whole picture, not just one silo.

Act on Findings - People and Process

  • Ensure your staff is up to date on goals, monthly reports & key metrics. Making sure your team members are informed and trained is just as important as defining your key metrics! Establish a internal process to make measurements and analytics integral to your organization.
  • Our clients usually find quality success in a long term consulting engagement (typically 6-12 months).
  • Contact us to learn how this service and other products from DartMedia are highly effective ways to market your business.

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