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Why Switch to Google Analytics

Reasons to Migrate to Google Analytics

Why should I switch to Google Analytics & What Are the Benefits?

  • Stretch Your Valuable Marketing Investment
    • Reduce Costs & Save Time
  • Yes the Tool is Free, which does not mean cheap!
    • Yes the tool is free. Your costs will include training staff + professional services for advanced support.
  • Includes Enterprise Level Features Out of the Box!
    • With advanced analysis techniques and flexible configuration + implementation, the sky is the limit with this tool.
    • The Key Metrics You Need for Informed Decision Making Provide Insight.
  • Professional Services
    • Is There Support Available for Google Analytics?
      • Definitely! With a reversed model, Google offers a free tool & allows you to select professional services you need and those that fit your budget. No more behemoth sized professional services contracts for services you may not need or benefit from.
      • There are help forums, email support, online training, webinars and a network of Google Analytics Authorized Consultants (GAAC) trained & certified on Google Analytics configuration & installation.
      • DartMedia is a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant (GAAC) and Offers Enterprise Level Support for All Your Google Analytics Needs. Contact us!
  • Privacy
    • Is My Data Secure & Private if Hosted on Google Servers? Yes. In fact, when you set up Google Analytics, you have 3 data sharing options to choose from:
      • Share no data
      • Share data for product improvements
      • Share data anonymously for benchmarking
    • In addition to deciding if you want to share data or not, Google has extensive security mechanisms in place to protect your data. Google also has redundant systems so down time is rare, if ever.

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