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Landing Page Optimization

The entrance to your site used to be your homepage - not anymore. With the advanced intelligence of Search Engines, through Paid Ad campaigns (Pay Per Click and others) linking to custom urls, as well as deep links from other sites directed to your site - surfers may land on your site through a plethora of back doors, also known as Landing Pages.

DartMedia will optimize your landing page as well as test and measure your landing pages activity through advanced techniques such as the Google Web Optimizer program as well as Google Analytics.

Design for Landing Page Optimization

It’s important that your page welcomes visitors the right way and supports your goal in every way - your goal being conversion. DartMedia’s consultants will make sure your landing page has:

  • A simple design and avoids distracting the user away from what you want them to do – Convert!
  • Clear Calls-to-Action – visually clear, large, glossy buttons and links that will attract your user’s attention and make it clear to them where to go if they’re interested in your offer.
  • Up-to-date, aesthetically chic design (Web 2.0 designs) that portrays your company as being professional and current.
  • Gives the user what they’re looking for - If the link to your page enticed the user by offering a special deal, we’ll make sure that deal will be properly reflected on your page.

Landing Page Optimization through Metrics and Improvement

DartMedia’s internet marketing consultants will not only make sure your landing page is ready to accept visitors and lead them to conversion for your organization, but through experienced post-click management and Web Analytics expertise, we’ll show you the numbers to demonstrate to you exactly what’s happening.

Because of DartMedia’s Web Analytics experience (DartMedia is a Google Authorized Analytics Consultant), our experts’ advanced techniques and understanding will show you results and insight on your landing page performance that may not be available anywhere else.

Don’t accept second rate consultants just throwing landing page statistics at you and leaving you dry! DartMedia will make sense of your data, explaining to you the exact meaning of each metric and what actions to take!

By understanding what’s going on and through our experienced recommendation, you’ll be able to make decisions that can only lead to improvement.

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