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Leverage internet marketing to the fullest! Add a supplemental “Microsite” to your main site! Microsites are similar to landing pages, but are a cluster of pages with concentrated information on one marketing theme or campaign or product line or service offering.


  • The narrow focus of a Microsite presents specific information for a particular marketing campaign, giving your user easy access to the info they’re looking for without having to comb through your entire site.
  • Visitors are more likely to buy your product, fill out your form, and convert if they feel their specific needs are given attention. Microsites provide this “specialization” around that theme/need, whereas your main site may cover a variety of services/products.
  • Display location/segment sensitive information on your Microsite that you may not be able to display on your main site (i.e. pricing/services only available to certain regions)
  • Microsites are easier to maintain from an administrative point of view, as changes are local to that site. No need to worry about how changes will affect your overall main site. Also, if your site is large, it may be a headache having to find specific web files pertaining to a certain campaign if those files are mixed with everything else. Microsites eliminate this hassle.
  • Microsites are easier to Search Engine Optimize for certain keywords or themes because of its niche focus. While your site may be SEO optimized for several general themes or keywords pertaining to your business, your Microsite can center around specific marketing campaigns or geographic locations, telling search engines “Here’s what my whole site is about if someone is searching for me!”
  • Avoid the difficulty of statistically separating or segmenting your campaign metrics from the rest of your site data. Clean analytics is easily differentiated from your Microsite and your main site.

DartMedia has extensive experience developing and maintaining effective Microsites for our clients.

Services We Provide

  • Analyze your market in-depth to find keywords and themes to optimize your Microsites Search Engine ranking.
  • Create a Microsite with effective lead generation mechanisms tailored to a specific campaign or segment of your market.
  • Develop your Microsite from inception (designing a usable, chic site) to implementation, followed by long-term maintenance and support.
  • Testing and analysis of key metrics through Google Analytics. DartMedia will clearly show you how your Microsite is doing and any actions to take to improve it.

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